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On this site we examine current legal issues from the perspective of a lawyer for farmers, ranchers and other sustainable entrepreneurs. This perspective is important because independent farmers have been the foundation of every democracy since ancient Greeks first conceived of individual liberty. Protecting their legal rights preserves the organic law, which is to say the United States Constitution and each state constitution.

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    Property Rights

    The organic laws of the United States are a firm foundation for private property. The Constitution protects, “life, liberty and property.” Property rights match one’s responsibility...

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    Estate Planning

    An “estate plan” is set of tools you design specifically for your family to take care of you and your things at the end of your life:   Living Will/Advance Directive for Healthcare,...

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    Farm and Ranch

    Farmers are some of the most rough looking yet highly intelligent citizens in America. They see things as others do not, because they have a view of human nature based on a difficult struggle to work...

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